Arbutus Restaurant

The restaurant is open from 6pm with last orders at 8.45 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Our menus offer superb Irish and Continental cuisine prepared with meticulous care by Irish and internationally experienced chefs.

List of Menus

Dinner Menu

Communion & Confirmation Menu

Brass Cock Bar Starer MenuSandwich & Bagel Selection

We advise our guests to book dinner in Arbutus Restaurant in advance. An extensive bar food menu is available in the Brass Cock Bar seven days a week.

Arbutus refers to any of about 14 species (genus Arbutus) of broad-leaved evergreen shrubs or trees, in the heath family. Native to southern Europe and western North America, they are characterized by loosely clustered white or pink flowers and red or orange berries. A. menziesii (variously known as the madrona, Pacific madrona, laurelwood, and Oregon laurel) and A. unedo (the strawberry tree) are cultivated as ornamentals. The trailing arbutus belongs to the genus Epigaea.

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